pipe fitter at Sices Polska,Lukoil Naftochim Burgas

  • România, Onești
  • România, Onești
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  • Romania, Onești
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  • 1981 - 1986

    Liceu / scoala profesionala, liceu industrial

    • Mecanica
    • Onești, România


  • Capacitate de a munci in echipa
  • Flexibilitate si adaptabilitate
  • Adaptare rapida la un grup nou

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  • Reference number: 70639


  • March 2014 - August 2015

    pipe fitter, Sices Polska,Lukoil Naftochim Burgas

    • burgas, Bulgaria
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Service / Installation

    Period: Marth 2014-August 2015
    Company: Sices Polska
    Lukoil Naftochim Burgas
     Position: Pipe Fitter
    Work performed
    -	Made, assembled and mounted brackets for  manifold and their installation
    -	Made, assembled and installed evidence supports for panels
    -	Made, assembled and installed pre-insulated pipe fitted grooves.
    -	Technological attendants mounted installation on lines and columns
    -	Mounted attendants technological lines using scaffold platform.
    -	Executed routes between manifold, pre-insulates pipe and attendants.
    -	Steam executed trails samples attendants.
    -	Hydrotest executed on technological lines
    -	Heating pumps executed lines
    -	Mounted gauge glass
    -	Mounted valves, regulators, valves on pipe.
    -	Installed pipe support.
    -	Threaded nozzles made
    -	Executed threaded fittings and the installation of reductions column of steam, coupling systems for air and water lines , valves nitrogen lines
    installation of steam tracing systems: 
       - installation of tracer supply manifolds ;
       - installation of condensate return manifolds ;
       - installation of discharge steam traps stations ;
       - installation of stainless steel tubing and polymer jacket tubing ;
       - installation of pre-insulated instrument tubing bundles ;
       - installation of tracers tube connectors and unions ( Parker fittings ) ;
       - use of tubing bender, tubing cutter and deburring tool ;
       - installation of pressure reducing valves where lower steam pressures are required ;
       - installation of tubing trays for pre-insulated tubing
    Period: 1983-2013
    Company: : S.C RAFO S.A Oneşti ,oil processing company, getting gasoline and diesel , aromatic     hydrocarbons, gpl and products for the oil industry.
    Position: locksmiths maintenance, repair and operation of static and dynamic
    Work performed: 
    Repair shop for static and dynamic equipment.:
    - Making intervention works, repairs and maintenance to static equipment (heat exchangers, storage tanks for liquids and gases, columns, vessels, furnaces, reactors, technological routes, reinforcements, metal support equipment for buildings, burners);
    -I did test the water lines for oil products tanks with fixed and floating after the repairs.
    -I blasted welds inside pressure vessels with air compressor, then I control magnetic powder welding valves mounted electromagnetul.Am about the technological lines did test with nitrogen to eliminate air from pressure vessels, to check for leaks and to create optimum pressure to be loaded with liquefied petroleum gas
    - I made and fitted,, beds "for electric cables
    - Removal of interior equipment, remedy or replacement of equipment / components of machinery when their degree of wear so requires, assembling of component parts;
    - Align Technology route, crossing the components of heat exchangers and columns;
    - Conduct tests according to technical requirements and ISCIR;
    - Execution of technological paths.
    - Rk's done we've changed the column interior equipment (grills, valve trays, trays bells, distribution and sealing devices, sprays, etc..) external devices (supports for pipes, stairs, platforms, lifting items, nozzles, manholes, flanges, pockets for appliances control).
    - I did review the different types of heat exchangers such as heat exchanger coils cooaxiale tube heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, spiral heat exchangers, plate heat - Normal operation and maintenance of equipment;
    - Intervention works and repairs to dynamic and static equipment (columns, vessels, technological lines, reinforcements, etc.).
    - Start preparing pumps Make them if necessary following lubrication, cooling and sealing the joints presitupe fittings and valves, the protection of defenders, deblindarea, mounting gauges.
    - I made deblindari armouring paths and technological liquefied gas produced fuel, high pressure steam, low pressure steam, cooling water, air technology's DN 50 to 600.
    - I made static armouring machines (columns, reactors, heat exchangers, storage tanks for liquids and gases, dishwashers, ovens, process lines, pregatindule for: danfuire, inertizare, washing for verification. exchangers, heat exchangers with wings. -In October 2006, completed construction of the plant ETHERS CT-RV which has led to preparations for starting the installation, where I was busy carrying out hydraulic test according to the prescriptions ISCIR technological lines, equipment to control static resistance welded joints , before accestei samples and visual inspection was made or found where failure or remedied.
          -  I replaced  the duct burner steam ,
          -  I replaced the dampers; Installation of different types of valves (ball valves, safety valves, check valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves (pressure relief valve), gate valves.
    Fabrication, solutions for different modifications and directly erection of different piping supports.
          - Check Flange Alignment of Rotating Equipment. Fabrication and installing for spools using isometric drawings.
          - Check internal grinding of welding route of flanges for Restricted Orifices.Perform Piping Line Check and initialization of preliminary punch list
          - Follow Up of Punch Work following to kill A1 punch items for lines included in Pressure test
        - Hidro testing and A1 and A2 punch items for lines under visual test. Field  pump assembly: mounted of the fittings, filters, lines according to the isometrics; - fitting: valves, control valves; - mounting of dismountable fittings through the flanges, double-ended bolts, or screws and through the threading; - non-dismountable by weld; - mounting of y filters through the flanges and bolts or screws joint; - carbon or stainless pipe line; - performance of the lines: - processing of the pipe compound to length, their conferring and preparation for welding; - preparation and selection of the flanges, reduction, tee and supports for welding, then plane mounting according to isometrics and field(soil, pipe rack).Experience metal structure: structure make-up and field assembly according to the plan and drawing; - used materials(profile I,U,L pipe and shut-metal); 
    	Confection and mounting of the different types of flanged,screwed and welded pipelines from 2 inch at 15 inch,in accordance with the piping isometric;
    	Measurement,marking,mechanical and gas cutting of the pipe section and metal profiles;rubbing,chamfering,drilling,points of weld,etc,witch makes the connection with the water and gas pumps,compressors,heat exchanges all types of the rotating and static equipments at the different elevations between 0 and 80 m;
    	Mounted on pipes all the types of the flanges,elbows,T-s,nipoletes,weldoletes,elboletes and screwed and flanged velves-trimmed with complex gaskets,pipe porters for temperature maintenance
    	Mounted fittings and fixtures,holdind valves and regulators safety valves.
    	I washed the exchangers and cleaned the sewage pump ORACA;
    	I  checked the speakers, pallets, control system of pallets, I checked the belts from fans;
    	I modified the cooling water trails from the pressure vessels;
    	I blasted welds from the pressure vessels with the air compressors, after that I checked the electromagnetic  powder of the welding with solenoid;
    	I replaced the defective items from columns;
    	I replaced the pipe insulation in the places where it was deteriorated;
    	I replaced the attendants of the product lines in order to prevent  frost;
    	I replaced the defective tubing for heating furnaces ;
    	I disassembled   the   furnace burners , I replaced the nozzles in the oven;
    	I replaced  the duct burner steam , I replaced the dampers;
    	I washed the cooling system of the compressors;
    	I disassembled   the safety valves on the flare line;
    	I changed the cooling oil of the compressor, I disassembled the beams through oil cooling at the compressors, I washed and made a hydraulic test.
          -     Attending   the manufacturing and assembly of  process lines connecting to pressure lines;
    	 Replacing  the valves and defective valves , seals of reinforcement of process lines when they deteriorated;
    	 Attending  the revision of pressure vessels meaning removal of  valves , I submitted them to hydro test, I blew speed pressure test , I washed them, I participated in their blasting.
    	modifying cooling water routes from the pressure vessels;
    	checking the traction rollers at the end of the load line;
    	checking cable tensile strength and in case of damage I assured its replacement ;
    	I fixed  the proper operation of towing carts and replacing the tires when they deteriorated ;
    	I change of  the guide rollers towing carts;
    	I change of  tires coupled and decoupled of lowing carts;
    	I change  of towing springs;
    	I change  of station dispensers at station of wagon towing;
    	I change of hydraulic pumps from the towing station;
    	I change of pressure valves from the towing station;
    	I change of protection valves from the towing station as well as the end valves;
    	I change of  drum rollers , stretching cable of towing wagons;
    	I fix  the oil level for station towing, oil discharge and hydraulic filling;
    	I change of oil lines which assured the function of towing system when they were deteriorated;
    	I repairs of loading arm gear for the automatic loading lamp;
    	I change of bearings of loading system;
    	I change of oil seals of loading system;
    	I change of coupling bolts, guide rollers and gaskets;
    	I check pump to product recovery vessel;
    	I change and repairs of valves for utilities: water, steam, air;
    	I supervise of towing station for a good functioning and exploitation for the loading of trucks and fixing   their tightness after filling;
    	I change of loading brackets, loading hose;
    	I change for discharging ramp of raw material crude ,discharging hose;
    	I change of valves and of gaskets when they were broken;
    	I assure of a good functioning of  discharge  pumps crude , duplex steam pumps as well as the electrical pumps , assuring of their tightness;
    	I maintenance of pump operation , elimination  of disorders that appeared during their functioning , controlling of lubrication system functioning;
    	In case of higher breakdown , I   dismantled the pump from the base, I armored the technological lines in order to fix the pump;
    	In case of steam pumps I assured the good functioning of the pistons , I assured their regulation, I replaced the pistons when they were deteriorated ;
    	Assuring the tightness of glands, replacing periodically the asbestos rope for removing steam losses;
    	The replacement of pump piston rings when the blisters burst;
    	Providing the centering piston of  steam pumps;
    	Replacement of defective gaskets and valves from the links of technological routes with tanks for oil;
    	The overhaul of the tanks through armoring and cleaning of the tank;
    	Removing and installing of manholes of the tank and replacement of the gaskets, pressure valves of the tanks;
    	In the Revision of auto loading ramp  I armored the routes and I emptied the product of degassed, filters and I changed the gaskets;
    	After we mounted the technological lines to  connecting valves , I put the vessels to pressure of Nitrogen in order to remove air from the jar, to verify the gaskets  and to create the optimum pressure in order to be loaded with gas;
    	We prepared for winter the vessels under pressure by introducing pressure pump of Methanol to prevent freezing ;
    	I used as freshener  the Mercaptan of GPL for bottles.
    	I sealed the pumps  for discharge of gas when they had gas leaks;
    	I downloaded tank wagons loaded with methanol, raw material for Tame Installation.
           - I assured tank installation CF regarding petroleum gas filing ( stove, propane , propylene)
    	I sealed the valves of  loading and equalization of tanks CF after their loading for a safe departure;
    	I assured the sealing of valves and reinforcement of process lines, I replaced the defective valves and deteriorated gaskets;
    	I mounted in order to load with liquefied petroleum products of tankers, I assured the sealing at the end of the loading;
              -   I assured the drawing of hydraulic system , after their filling we sealed the tank wagons in order to stop the leak of product fro a safe departure;
    	I assured and downloaded the tank wagons with raw material for Refinery , I assured the functioning and the sealing of downloading pumps;
    	I loaded and assured the sealing of tank wagons with aromatic products( Benzene, Toluene, Ortoxilene, Paraxilen)
    	I was providing end supervising the works with fire and I was taking measures to avoid or fire extinction with the help of fire extinguisher and water hoses
    	I was checking and taking proper functioning measures of safety valves,breathing valves of tanks with petroleum products(gasoline,diesel,fuel oil,petrol,kerosene)
    	Unloadind and loadind petroleum products from tanks vagons and autotanks
    	I was doing the works to prepare and additive of gasoline and diesel,to get best quality products
    	As additives I was using tli-tec fot gasoline and OLI,dody-flow for diesel
    	I modified cooling water routes, gas discharge,  and Auto loading ramp, I replaced the ramp brackets and I assured their good sliding;
    	I assured the electrostatic leakage operation;
    	When the general overhaul of the Refinery was made, I dismantled the spouts   from the distillation columns of the products and I changed the cups and the  ringers ;
    	I changed the accelerator after I cleaned them;
    	I removed the valves in the equipment, I checked them through hydro test and I mounted them;
    	I dismantled and I did the pres ure test for the exchangers;
    	I disassembled   the safety valves on the flare line;
    	I I washed the cooling system of the compressors;
    changed the cooling oil of the compressor, I disassembled the beams through oil cooling at the compressors, I washed and made a hyd
    raulic test.


  • 2013 - 2014

    Highschool, highschool

    • Electrical
    • Onești, Romania
  • 1981 - 1986

    Highschool, Highschool

    • Mechanical
    • Onești, Romania


  • Ability to work in team
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Interpersonal skills

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