Chief accounting department overheads at SC Kaufland Romania SC

  • România, București
  • România, București
  • Romania, București
  • Romania, București
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  • Reference number: 72539


  • January 2011 - February 2013

    Chief accounting department overheads, SC Kaufland Romania SC

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Finance / Accounting

    In financial accounting department I have fulfilled the following responsibilities:
    - Coordinate and supervise all activities and postings made by team of economists, in number of 10, in the accounting software package in order to secure accuracy of recordings and compliance with Romanian Accounting Standards;
    - Specific activities monthly and annual closing such as the provisioning overheads in the field, preparing and analyzing information on the evolution of the expenses and the provision of specific accounting reports;
    - Responsible for providing information, reports, analysis in the audit of annual financial statements;
    - Coordinate and supervise the activity of the team of accountants in accordance to their job descriptions and strive to improve their efficiency. Develop performance measurement criteria for the accounting team;
    - Responsible for determining staffing needs for the effective exercise of activities of the department, recruitment of qualified personnel, organization of department employees, drafting job descriptions of employees of the department, personal annual evaluation of the team, ensure the schooling of new employees;
    - Developing and motivating staff in my department;
    - Develop and prepare periodic reports of department performance evaluation;
    - Take a leading role in the creation and maintenance of an accounting manual detailing the procedures to be followed by team of accountants;
    - Proposal for budget expenditures for department;
    Achievements: Organize, coordinate and develop my team of accounting based on very good communication between us.
    Recommendation: Cristina Hanga - Director Financial Accounting Department

  • January 2001 - December 2010

    Reporting and Group Support Manager, SC Metro Cash & Carry Romania SRL

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Finance / Accounting

    The main responsibility was to implement the IFRS guideline into accountancy. Me and my team reported monthly, quarterly and annual to the German group. I took care the relation with group auditors. Me and my team reported a lot of events without delay. Reporting related to international activities are mentioned below at Reporting economist position for period 2005-2008, time that I accomplished these activities, but by 2010 I supervised all of its and I applied IAS guidelines.
    I was responsible for:
    - Coordinating and supervising the team of accountants, in number of 3, in statutory and international reportings;
    - Verify the registration of all transactions during the month (billing services, investment costs, account balances, domestic and foreign currency cash registers, etc.)made by accounting team;
    - Setting priorities for companies that coordinate in terms of activities according to needs arising;
    - Time management of all activities in order to accomplish at deadline of reporting in both statutory and international reporting;
    - I took decision in tight deadlines for various issues of accounting, fiscal, in order to comply with the applicable accounting and fiscal regulations and to improve the financial good standing of the company 
    - Verification of income tax calculation (CIT), declaration of VAT preparing statement, all statements in relation with reporting monthly, quarterly, half yearly to the state (ANAF);
    - Checking and analysis of statutory data in comparison actual data with same past period from profit and loss, balance sheet for that four companies;
    - I was responsible for: relations with the National Institute of Statistics, banks, insurance company, tax authorities; for quarterly, yearly processing and delivery reporting package to internal and external auditors; 
    - I was responsible with preparation of all information requested by state in fiscal inspection, transfer pricing file for one of four company in concordance with order 222/2008, reimbursement VAT requested for two of four company.
    2005-2008: Reporting Economist
    Main activities include:
    - Receiving, verifying, calculating and recording for monthly closing documents specific SAP: closing stocks, receiving goods without invoices; depreciation provisions stocks in accordance with IAS 2 "Inventories"; adjustment notes for costs, certified checks, Christmas bonus, other bonuses, litigation provision, bad debts accruals;
    - Monthly evaluation for monetary items in SAP FI (receivables, liabilities, availability company in foreign currency);
    - Running programs closing costs and revenue in SAP FI, GL;
    - Checking and preparation of monthly, quarterly, annually financial reports SAP - FI, GL (balance sheet, profit and loss),correlation and validation data in German system (ECCS);
    - Preparation details required by Germany or by external auditors on
    financial reports submitted;
    - Preparation details required by the controlling department;
    2001-2005: Other jobs under financial and accounting department (treasury department) in Metro Cash & Carry Romania SRL.
    1998-2001: Nei Industries
    Finance and Accounting Department: stock economist
    Achievements: I manage the recovering VAT position from balance sheet for two companies from the fiscal authorities in amount 1,300 TEUR.
    Recommendations: Frank Hammerle - Finance Director


  • 1992 - 1997

    Bachelor's degree, Academia de Studii Economice

    • București, Romania


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