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  • România, Târgoviște
  • România, Târgoviște
  • Romania, Târgoviște
  • Romania, Târgoviște
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  • November 2006 - Present

    ec, mechel

    • Târgoviște, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Finance / Accounting

    Period (December 2005 - to date she has been an economist in the Banking Department Financial Operations Mechel Targoviste SA;
    Receiving  thone  calls
    Receive   posts (post box)
    Receive faxes  and  electronic 
     Provides interface between customers / suppliers 
    I am able to interact immediately with service providers and monitor processes to solve them.
    I was responsible for the smooth running of activities receiving visitors, or their representatives, providing professional and competent atmosphere.
    Open, efficient and objective to receive messages from outside, meaning: 
    - Record in chronological lists and archiving originals
    - Communication reports (summary and discussion received from Info desk) 
    - Forwarding messages to managers responsible
    - Administrative and troubleshooting information at the time of their party.
    -interaction with the team as of relationships described.
    -organizing and Info Desk
    -checking continuous input-output correspondence (letter, fax, e-mail, telephone notes)
    -scheduling and reporting system organization (form, rhythm, recording, synthesis)
     The company's main activity as produces and sells steel products rolled, forged or calibrated.
     responsibility-out invoices to clients, check their preparation i under the Tax Code
    preparation of log sales / purchases for the VAT
    year inventory or customer request and confirmation of balances.
    Payment obvious effects (promissory note, checks-403), their issue, their pursuit for settlement, checking and preparing balandei;
    obvious effects received from customers (promissory notes, checks), checking them or follow their girearea their collecting, preparing and checking the balance sheet;
    issue of compensation according to GD 685/1999, follow the completion and preparation of notes accounting for mutual debts;
    operation and check bank statements receipts / payments and final balance report;
    evidence of local taxes / prepare statements under the local city hall City Council Decision, tracking receipt and verification of the tax decision. Making the PO to the local budget, intcmirea accounting notes, balance;
    Monthly scores crenata Group companies / debt loans / returned, interest earned / paid providing economic advances and preparing expense reports 
      I worked for 2 years as a receptionist at Sc Mechel now, and later after graduation to move to  Accountant Department of unity
    I am very ambitious and hard working


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