Marine Electrician at Q.C.P.-LLC U.S.A.

  • România, Cernavoda
  • România, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
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  • February 2015 - June 2015

    Marine Electrician, Q.C.P.-LLC U.S.A.

    • louisiana, U.S.A.
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction,Naval,Service / Installation

    Marine Electrician  OIL&GAS      Q.C.P. LLC-S.U.A.
     26.02.-16.06.2015 In the period I worked as a naval electrician (new construction and repair) the LLC QCP (Quality Construction and Production) shipyard LA SHIP in Houma Louisiana US I m executed works (PSV icebreaker) cable ducts, cables posed open and closed penetration (ROXTEC) conducted in connection control panels and power comform plans and diagrams. I made connections to command and control room consoles bowthrusters seats, order, footmen (A and B), we connected and executed monitors all connections to the DCS and internet (cat6, CAT7). We performed works in the emergency generator, the lighting installation, emergency lighting (or put batteries battery connection) to fire smoke detectors, According plans and US standards.We performed all intalatiile comisioning power that we have made.

  • November 2014 - December 2014

    electrical tehnician, V-SHIPS MANPOWER

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction,Naval,Service / Installation

    Electrician-VSHIPS MANPOWER(SEATEC REPAIR SERVICE)                                                                                                                     During the period 27 / 11- 21/12/2014 I worked as an electrician at V-SHIPS MANPOWER (Seatec REPAIR SERVICE) per passenger SAGA SHAPPIRA. I made connections to the engine room control panels (or changed control panels), we performed terminations, gland, or pulled low and medium voltage cables (3x120mm, medium voltage cable 6 kV 4x16mm, 4x4mm, 3x2,5mm cables Low voltage 1kV.), or posed on cable routes ty rap. Were mounted smoke detectors were connected and made connections in junction boxes and power panels. We performed works in the emergency generator, or posed routes cables or cable glands installed or executed or terminations and connected to the PLC. Or Install air compressors, or performed penetration (or penetration ROXTEC mounted or placed cables then penetrations or closed) or route the cables on the trails, or made or executed connections and terminations were performed .Sockets circuits for outlets (220V and 440V) or connected sockets and connections made in the instrument or power.

  • June 2014 - September 2014

    electrical tehnician, HARRYS PIE ENGINEERING

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction,Workers,Naval,Service / Installation

    26.06.-28.09.2014 DURING worked as an electrician in Harrys PIE ENGINEERING COMPANY, AND IN COLLABORATION WITH    Westcon ,Transocean oil rig GSF  DEVELOPEMENT DRILLER2 THIS PORT VILLA .The oil rig AM WITH CABLE HEAT Execution Tracing (RAYCHEM 3BTV pipe size 8 inches UP TO INCLUDING RAYCHEM5 BTV pipe exceeding 8 inches AND FOR TANKS). THE HEAT tracing cable is done with aluminum strip BAND FOR THIS KIND OF CABLE SPECIAL, SO FOR PIPES and for tanks. I mounted and did CONNECTIONS, GLANDS, terminations THE FOLLOWING EQUIPMENT: JB (JONCTION BOX), J. B. END, DIGI STATE ,T.H.J.B. ,T-100, E-100 (THIS VOLTAGE LAMP), splice, or executed DIGI TRACE AND TERMINALS ENDS (END shrinkable tube ends TERMINAL HEAT tracing). I pulled the power cords cable trays, ducts (3x2,5 mm), OR OPEN penetration (ROXTEC) or route the cables (first with clamps after which the band-it), or closed and connected cable penetrations power devices (DIGI STAT, we performed terminal ends, I put the glans and made connections) and control panels, control and light voltage (I executed terminus and connected the cables in panels). I mounted space heat, I pulled the power cable ducts (3x4mm), I posed the cable (band-IT),and I made ​​connections to devices (space heat) as well as the command and control panels. (PLC)

  • October 2010 - June 2014

    electrical tehnician, ENERGOMONTAJ S.A.

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction,Service / Installation

    ENERGOMONTAJ S.A. BUCURESTI, Romania, county of Constanta, city Cernavoda, Nuclear Power Plant of Cernavoda, Unit 1 & 2
    Installation, Maintenance and Repair
    Repairing and commissioning of  substation, power & control panels connection and equipment wiring,functional tests.Cable conduit & cable pulling and conection for:electrical panels ,cabinet wiring,cable termination,connectors(military standard) for unit 2 NPP Unit 2 Cernavoda, Romania.
    Install underground cable, conduit, and ductwork. Install transformers; string lights and power wires on cross arms and through ducts and manholes; make electrical connections; and splice cables.
    Work on power cables, transformers, insulators, and control equipment such as switches, circuit breakers, and panels. This includes collecting transformer oil samples that are tested for contamination as well as cleaning up contaminated sites.
    Install and connect transformers on hangers and platforms, making hot taps and splices.
    Troubleshooting and problem-solving

  • November 2005 - October 2006

    I&C Technician, S.C. ROMIB S.A.

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction,Installations / Decorations,Service / Installation

    Installation, Maintenance and Repair
    Reading connection wiring diagram,elementary diagram,cable data sheet,instruction manuals ,technical specification & as build revisions on the drawings performed on a project basis following installation of equipment’s in the plant.
    Construction,Commissioning,P.I.F. & Operations of 700-MW turbine with General Electric representative,support system of the plant like:cooling water,chiller’s,water treatment,lube oil,hydrogen cooling, feed water,main steam,stand-by(7.5MW /4MW,ALSTHOM) & emergency diesel generators(3MW-), electrical power centers ,electrical distribution systems including all of the switchgear ,from high to low voltage distribution.,Commissioning,P.I.F. & Operations of Specially Safety Systems like:Shutdown System,Containment System,Dousing System,Emergency Core Cooling System, Fire alarm Sistem,Start-up Instrumentation,Process computers,PLC.
    Wire by wire checks in the plant and connection in Control Distributed Frame,Dicon &Intec (database for cable connection)System user,power & control panels connection and equipment wiring,functional tests.Cable conduit & cable pulling and conection for:electrical,instrumentation,cabinet wiring,cable termination,connectors(military standard),Raychem heat shrink tehnology,Iron ,Copper & Stainless Steel tubing and pipe ,instrument pipe lines connection,measuring,cutting,bending,threading.
    Commissioning,operation &troubleshooting of PLC,PDC,DCC panels,
    Calibration of classic& smart transmitters(hart-comunicator),controlers and instrument loops for:Pressure,Levels,Flow,Temperatures,pH,Conductivities,Purity,Neutronical,Ion Chambers.
    Implementation of Site Disposition, Design Change Notice ,Engeenering Field Implementation & Non Conformance Reports.
    Work with Standard Commissioning Procedure,Commissioning Procedure level-3 & 4.
    Working with deadlines under a Canadian (AECL),American(GE),Italian(ANSALDO),Spanish(GE) supervision with a high level of Quality Assurance requirements.

  • June 1995 - October 2005

    Naval Electrician, ARGOS S.A.

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction,Installations / Decorations,Naval,Service / Installation

    Installation, Maintenance and Repair
    In the sphere of responsibilities between installations on board air compressor or all air conditioning systems, artificial ventilation, boilers (boilers pressure) pump automation system on / standby, protection and alarm system main engine and the auxiliary plant refrigeration and kitchen electrical devices, lighting installation, surveillance and monitoring systems,
      systems handling winch / hoist, plant lifeboats, portable charging / discharging type crane / derrick, fire alarm installation.
    Making electrical circuits, sockets, wiring diagram, instaling electric panels and making connections to auto electrical installations dedicated ships offshore-support under construction.
    Training courses in the firm on Romania.


  • 1992 - 1995


    • Cernavoda, Romania


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