H&S Manager la IDC Consorzio

  • România, Pitești
  • România, Pitești
  • Romania, Pitești
  • Romania, Pitești
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  • Ultima actualizare: 26.04.2016
  • Numar referinta: 78155

Obiectiv profesional

My current goal is to use my education, skills and experience in HSE, Logistics & Executive Management, together with my natural and personal strengths to add value in your  business

  • ALL
  • Full time
  • Domeniile urmariteFinante Management, Inginerie Energie / Industrii extractive, Office jobs Protectia muncii
  • Disponibilitate deplasare in interes de serviciuPana la 100% din program
  • Disponibilitate relocareIn tara si in strainatate


  • august 2015 - Prezent

    H&S Manager, IDC Consorzio

    • Miami, S.U.A.
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Energie / Industrii extractive

    Ensure knowledge by all IDS's employees, who are involved in project from the board, of all provisions about health precautions and work safety.
    - Trains, informs staff about health issues and work safety, regularly at work.
    - Monitors execution phases of the project, overlay works, specific documentation from contractors, or subcontractors, who carrying out activities on site, check and observe the behavior of workers, from the health perspective and work safety, and their concern about these duties during their work.
    - Marks and indicate high risk accident areas. Check the staff about wearing the hole necessary equipment during the activities ( boots, protection glasses, helmets, safety belts), check the work permits, slinger authorization, crane operator/ other lifting machines, visual check scaffolding, work platforms, certificates of conformity for safety belts.
    - Develops its own occupational safety instructions in according with legal and customer requirements .
    - Develops, with the Instalation Manager, the list of protection equipment for workers who need, end they communicate it timely to the interested departments.
    - Check the working conditions of employees who work at height, on the work site, too the electric panels.
    - Coordinates his activities with those of the client designated counterpart.
    - Prepares and updates the prevention and protection program.
    - Prepares reports on occupational accidents suffered by IDCs employees.
    - Accompanies the client's control teams of their action at the IDC's project team's activities place on board.
    - Follow the implementation of measures imposed by security work inspectors from the client.
    - Monitors the allocated storage space allocated for IDC on the board, devise a plan for these storage space to fill them with materials, assemblies and necessary tools for performing the work activities, according to the succession of operations, and to the arrangement of the activity's points.
    - Coordinates with the Supply Chain Manager to ensure that the necessary materials, subassemblies and consumables are supplied in time.
    - Supervise materials, subassemblies and consumables from deposit and monitors the consumed quantities making periodical reports.


Permis de conducere
  • B

Excellent  H&S Manager, Planning and Organizational skills;
- Project Scope Management;
- Time and Cost management;
- Maintenance Management;
- HSE Management;
- Contract Management and Negotiation skills;
- Communication and Reporting skills;
- Tender documentation;
- Analytically Decision Maker and Problem Solver;
- Detail and Quality Results Oriented;
- Knowledge of health and safety and environmental legislation associated with organizational and production projects;
- Highly dedicated Self Starter;
- Excellent personal discipline and work ethic;
- Remarkable experience in Industrial instrumentation and control systems

Limbi straine



Specialist in Occupational  Health and Safety  By ATVA SRL (SSM 80 hours)
M.B.A. CODECS Professional Certificate in Management;
Cursuri / traininguri
H&S training by Lafarge Romania S.A
Defensive Drive training by Lafarge Romania S.A
  • Last update: 26.04.2016
  • Reference number: 78155

Career goals


  • ALL
  • Full time
  • Wanted work domainsFinance Management, Engineering Energy / Extractive Industries, Office jobs Labor protection
  • Availability for work related travelUp to 100% of the schedule
  • Willing to relocateIn the country and abroad


  • January 2013 - August 2015

    Technical Executive Manager, General Petro Plast Ltd

    • Pitești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Energy / Extractive Industries,Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Coordinating Maintenance of 130 000 m2 factory machines and robots from OMV Petrom Arpechim refinery of Pitesti
    •Coordinating new production areas building and technological flux starting
    •Leading 75 employes in planned,preventive and accidental maintenance, upkeeping installations,new production area improvement and constructions
    •Steam and warm water installations
    •Supervising and maintenance of cogeneration power plant
    •Electrical system maintenance
    •Automation & command –control pannels
    •Supervising and maintenance of electrical transformers and distribution room
    •Antifire systems
    •Heating and cooling systems
    •Hydraulic systems maintenance
    •Waste water treatment station maintenance supervising
    •Air installation & compressors maintenance
    •Vucuum ,exhausting and dust pneumatic transport maintenance
    •CNC maintenance 
    •Organizing different technical investitions
    •Controlling the utilitys
    •Supervise the consumption of electricity but also electricity production
    •Controling the water consumption, residual water
    •Water treatment station chemical consumptions
    •Pneumatic transport energy spending
    •Pneumatic and vacuum consumption based on the compresors & vacuum pumps
    •Technical calculations for invoices regarding the utilitys of our neighbours
    •Technical calculations regarding the production of electricity and planify the production in this direction according with the good functionability of the rest of the production on the factory regarding the furniture production request
    •Coordinating the warehouse of spareparts and buing its in function of the buget

  • January 2012 - January 2013

    Contractor and Independent Consultant for Global Wind Power A/S Danmark partner Vestas A/S Danmark construction Wind Farm, Global Wind Power A/S Danmark

    • Pitești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Consulting,Management

    quality control of the execution in the works of GWP personnel and subcontracted                                            personnel
                       - 	coordinate the team of outsourced maintenance personnel, analyzing work reports, tools,            documentation, failures, incidents and time control. 
    	      -      coordinating operation for 2 Wind Farm
    	      - 	control of the execution of the scheduled maintenance, corrective actions and retrofits 
                       - 	analysis of the Work Orders and identification of failures 
          	      -	assure the fulfilment, the security protocol, of GWP and the client Vestas 
          	      - 	revision and feedback of Procedures and Schedules 
           	      - 	prepare scheduled reports for the client and GWP. 
           	      - 	notify of important failure notices of damage daily. 
           	      - 	pursuit of stocks in warehouse assigned to its zone.
    -	execution electronic conection for SCADA systems - 2 wind parks;
    -	preparing of the EPC Project Plan for conection between the Power plant and tower - 2 wind parks;
    -	preparing of the EPC Project Plan - 2 solar parks;
    -	Technical and Electrical Studies - three wind parks;
    -	two companies Start-ups ;

  • May 2008 - January 2012

    Technical Director & Executive Manager, Construct Petroprotect Ltd

    • Pitești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction

    -	I grow-up the company income until 15 mil Euro; 
    -	I was part of the team that implemented the company ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007
    -	Lafarge Romania S.A. partnership agreement ;
    -	Public and Private Contracts for Building, Roads and Bridges;
    -	Public and Private Contracts for Materials Distribution;
    -	Galati Harbor – rehabilitation of  40 ships;
    -	Rehabilitation of Waste Water Treatment Plant from Pitesti – subcontractor for civil works;
    -	Different public and private buildings Rehabilitation;
    -	Execution of the new different public and private buildings;

  • January 2000 - February 2008

    Executive Manager, POWER NET CENTER & COMPUTERS Ltd

    • Pitești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: IT

    -	I grow-up the company income until 10 mil Euro; 
    -	I tripled the service contracts;
    -	We doubled the number of equipment suppliers by signing numerous contracts
    distribution with large companies importing;
    -	I managed to be imports of technical computing from Singapore;
    -	I had increased the sales 10 times the volume of supplies;

  • January 2000 - January 2005

    Inginer electronist, Power Net Center

    • Pitești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: IT

    Service si intretinere tehnica de calcul si echipamente periferice


  • 1990 - 1995

    Bachelor's degree, Polytechnic University of Bucharest Faculty of Industrial Electronics

    • Pitești, Romania
  • 1985 - 1987

    Highschool, School of Chemistry Nr.4

    • Pitești, Romania
  • 1983 - 1985

    Highschool, School of Mathematical Physics Al.Odobescu

    • Pitești, Romania


Driving license
  • B

Foreign languages