Assistant manager at GE Romania

  • România, Ploiești
  • România, Ploiești
  • Romania, Ploiești
  • Romania, Ploiești
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  • Last update: 11.09.2013
  • Reference number: 84316


  • January 2012 - April 2013

    Assistant manager, GE Romania

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Administrative

    •	handling all administrative details;
    •	following Company Confidentiality and Integrity Chart;
    •	preparing and follow-up of Purchase Orders;
    •	negotiating and handling new and old contracts ( car leasing, services contracts etc.);
    •	preparing and handling Invitation Letters;
    •	ordering new mobile phones for the company employees and activating the SIM cards, data and voice services according to their needs;
    •	ordering new laptops for replacement of old ones and making sure of their updates and returns;
    •	ordering department supplies;
    •	preparing all necessary documents and collaborating with the authorities in force in order to obtain A1 certificates ;
    •	preparing all necessary documents and collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce in order to obtain ATA books;
    •	obtaining Fiscal and Registration certificates from the Register of Commerce and Financial Department for the headquarter and its working points;
    •	performing EHS monthly trainings

  • October 2010 - January 2012

    Assistant manager/P.A. site manager, Assistem Romania/GE France

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Administrative

    •	relieving management of administrative details;
    •	updating and chasing delegated tasks to ensure progress to deadline;
    •	taking initiative in manager’s absence regarding given work;
    •	keeping his projects/duties on schedule;
    •	maintaining procedures manual to ensure consistent performance of routines;
    •	composing  correspondence, reports for own or for manager’s signature;
    •	checking deadlines on incoming requests and put preliminary work in play;
    •	processing replies on own initiative or from manager dictation or notes;
    •	performing translations from Romanian to English and reverse;
    •	preparing and assisting in Purchase Orders redaction and follow-up;
    •	responsible for accounting files to be sent to GE HO / GEII ;
    •	handling petty – cash;
    •	handling all phone inquiries within capacity;
    •	arranging meetings facilities;
    •	assuring discreet handling of all businesses;
    •	screening visitors to control interruptions;
    •	providing back-up data as needed;
    •	arranging logistics for visitors as needed (accommodation, taxi etc.);
    •	arranging travel through internal or outside agents;
    •	archiving documents;
    •	updating and managing index;

  • February 2008 - October 2010

    Assistant manager, Baolong Romania

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Administrative

    •	receiving the orders from the clients and sales agents, issuing the invoices for them and making sure that the deliveries are prepared and made in time by the logistics company;
    •	issuing invoices for the supermarkets orders and checking the deliveries for them made by the logistics company;
    •	organizing meetings and conferences;
    •	receiving the clients/guests;
    •	organizing general manager’s agenda;
    •	taking part at the business meetings;
    •	translations from and into foreign languages;
    •	giving assistance to the clients and to the potential clients;
    •	keeping in touch with the clients;
    •	checking the fulfillment of the general prerogatives regarding the fulfillment of the enclosed contracts;
    •	checking and counting all the expenses for the internal and external movements;
    •	writing documents, reports, general news;
    •	using the modern equipment from the office (fax, scanner, printer, computer etc.);
    •	counting and checking the monthly invoices issued;
    •	entering into the accounting the documents issued by other departments: tax bills issued by employees, acts of cash, purchase tax invoices received by the suppliers;
    •	accounting and recording in the management of goods purchased from domestic suppliers and imports in order to establish a fair purchase price and VAT in customs, and drawing the NIR- related acquisition, including here making the translation of the commercial invoices, preparing all the documents needed by the custom authorities, making sure to pay all the duties so that the container comes in time;
    •	checking and counting all the expenses for the internal and external movements;
    •	performing banking operations (Internet  banking (e-payment providers, foreign and domestic), budget payment orders, deposit instruments of payment received from clients, lifting account statements);
    •	accounting and recording the account statements from banks;
    •	keeping track of payments instruments (BO, CEC) and following them due to their timely submission to the bank;
    •	checking, recording and booking income from clients;
    •	keeping under strict observation situation of unpaid suppliers and not cashed customers;
    •	archiving documents;
    •	keeping and checking the stocks of goods and materials from the warehouse;


  • 2005 - 2008

    Bachelor's degree, University of Bucharest – Faculty of Letters,

    • București, Romania
  • 2001 - 2005

    Highschool, “ I.L. Caragiale” National College

    • Ploiești, Romania


Driving license
  • B

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