Electrical Tehnician at Franklin project ,Tozzi Sud -Ravenna - Electrical Technician

  • România, Onești
  • România, Onești
  • Romania, Onești
  • Romania, Onești
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  • February 1981 - Present

    Electrical Tehnician, Franklin project ,Tozzi Sud -Ravenna - Electrical Technician

    • Onești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Energy / Extractive Industries

    March 2013- May 2013: Franklin project, Tozzi Sud –Ravenna-Electrical Technician:
      -  Electrical connections in Technical Equipment Room.
      -  Connecting power cables in HVAC heaters panel.
      - Connecting instrumentation cables in ABB-F&G marshaling cabinets.
      -  Connecting cables in field electrical and instrumentation JB.
      -  Electrical connections for local control stations.
      -  Connecting speakers for PA-GA systems.
      -  Connecting ESD push buttons.
      -  Pulling dressing and tagging cables.
      -  Installing Roxtec penetrations in panels and walls   penetrations.
      -  Glanding cables with Hawke glands.
    October 2011- March 2013
    Worked in Italy, Brindisi as an Electrical Technician for the Company Projetto SRL.                      I made replacement works for photovoltaic panels defects and making connections.   Were performed maintenance and installation of perimeter barriers surveillance feature motion sensors. Daily checking circuits and production counters, replace defective fuses inverters booth and those in terminal box, indexes daily meter readings for electricity production.                                                                                                                                                               Maintenance and monitoring of alarm systems with fiber optic cables under the cable routes
    July2011-October 2011 :
     I worked in Kazakhstan for company Caspian Marine where I made courses to obtain certificate BOSIET and then worked as foreman electrician on the island of DC-05.I supervised and coordinated the installation and commissioning of electrical installations; He watched pulling and installation of cable heating installation of: JB, LJB, LDB and connections were made in this. He supervised the execution and installation of cables trays were fired power cable. I participated in the conservation of components for power stations for a period of 3-5 years with Saipem’s employees
    October 2010- April 2011:  for the company working in Kazakhstan Aksay wet Aksaygassevice JSC Electrical Supervisor  i position and i do in a project to build an incinerator for supervising the installation of the electrical lighting system of power and control equipment at all facilities related to this i in 10 workers and subordinates .Who executed and installed cables trays, fired power and signal cable, mounting socket (230 v – 0,4KV)  .Mounted  start- stop control buttons for electric motors.July 2010-October2011:  
    I work for SIE Solari Impianti -I worked in Italy Ravenna location Marcegalia-to modernization of production lines, where I executed the nature of power and automation works. I pulled cable and we have arranged the I run trails, cable-terminal end-labeling work i did-I cable mounted electrical control panels and distribution I installed motion sensors and solenoid valves for the process.  I mounted glands and i made connections for power and control schemes with the same company as i was in Belgium where Clabeq. I executed nature of electric and instrumentation works for two mills were pulled cable were connected to electric motors and butterfly valves, flame sensors, I made connections to the power and control. 
    2008- 2009 :  SICIM, Karabatan Onshore Project , KAZAKHSTAN                                
    Maintenance & Operation electrician for workshops and field areas. I made, fitted and installed in switchboards manufacturing shop; I did and installed cables trays, I pulled, installed, terminal ends and  connecting in to JB power and signal ;Installation of lighting circuits: fluorescent lighting fixtures(2 x 18 W,2 x 36 W),flood light fixtures, cable connections(type I, for junction boxes and type J for lighting fixtures);Installation of Hawke cable glands for electrical cables; Execution of cable termination for instrumentation and low voltage electrical cables(230 v-400 v)and connections in electrical and instrumentation panels and distribution boards; Installation of earthing systems(safety earthing,clean earthing and intrinsically safe earthing):earthing cables and electrodes installation, exothermic weld connections,conections to structure and equipments; Maintenance and repairs tools and electrical equipment;
    2007-2008: Kazakhstan Tengiz Chevroil Oil Gas: electrician Installation of transmitters and instrumentation junction boxes and connections to them; Glading using Hawke cables glands for electrical and instrumentation cables; Execution of interconnections in electrical and instrumentation panels. Execution of interconnections in F.A.R-s and substations; between the instrumentation panel and electrical. Performing of cable termination for instrumentation and low voltage electrical cables (230V, 400V);Installing of lighting circuits, including junction boxes lighting fixtures;Execution Cable tray for cable, puling cables.Glading terminations, connections for filed instruments and control panle ;J.B . Installing and connection of electric plugs, sockets, switches, tappings, grounding for all electrical equipments and instruments. Performing precommissioning tests on the lighting circuits prior to energizing(including DB’s);perform precommissioning  tests on electrical equipments(Power transformers, electrical heaters, air circuit breakers, electrical distribution panels);testing of Heat tracing circuits  and Distribution boards; performing run tests for LV motors and record  results; power and control cables testing: continuity testing, insulation resistance test (core to core);test equipment used: Insulation resistance tester Fluke 1520;multimeters Fluke 87;clamp meter Fluke 33 RCD tester Megger CBT 3: Precommisisoning, commissioning, start-up maintenance and repairs for instrumentation equipment. Electrical wiring state was examined visually to JB, LJB, UDB, LDB, PDB, PJB, UJB and labeling them. Glands check the status, and connections made their tightness. Electrical measurements were performed according to schemes for: insulation resistance, earth continuity and the implementation of electrical circuits. If detection of defects rectification works will be executed. There has been energizing switchboards. We made samples lighting lamps and lamps of emergence. I checked this phase and three phase voltage outlets. I did sample the rotation function and electric motors


  • 1994 - Present

    College, Tehnical Scool Onesti

    • Onești, Romania


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