tehnician fibra optica,tehnician teleccomunicatii la telecomunicatii

  • România, București
  • România, București
  • Romania, București
  • Romania, București
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Obiectiv profesional


Vlad Vasile Eusebio
(Age: 46 Years, Romanian)
Telephone: 	+40 334 428 600 (Romania)
Mobile		+40724055291 (Romania)
Email: sebi19rou2006@yahoo.com

Present Employment					

-First Position: Working To Cofely Besix Mannai – General Supervisor Telecommunication Department

-Last Position until Now: Working as a Transportation coordinator & documents administrator for the employees and procurement.

Professional Qualification:
-Manager at S.C. WORKGROUP TRADING S.R.L. Romania -3 years(telecom sales & presales facilities ,equipments telecom field: mobile sites,3g.4g,optic fiber network,cctv,surveillance,sensors) 
-University American-Romanian management and marketing
-Superior school for foreman’s (mechanical)
-Certificate for mechanical field (locksmith)
-Driving licence-20 year’s experience-no accidents
-Light helicopters license,
-Certificate for infrastructure network telecommunication specialist (underground, aerial & building offices infrastructure)
Personal Telecom Projects Achievements:
-I have up to 12 years experience, in this field like project coordination telecoms teams (up to 80-100 peoples with 40 cars,
-Coordinate the telecoms projects (fiber optic infrastructure-underground & on overhead) 
-Making and doing the projects-maps-using Google earth, map info, etc-GPS coordinate.
-Making and doing the design/cabling of head end from the telecom stations ,installing the CCTV camera, smoke detectors/sensors, sensors of proximity,sattelite antennas, internet over  satellite design from the mash internet network. Specialized on network internet technologies design (routers, switches, cable TV network design, beginning with the copper cable-amplifiers, modulators, with the fibers optics devices design).specialized on the cabling infrastructure plans for the office buildings

Personal Procurement Achievement: 
-Involved in Purchase Requisition-Purchase Authorization, petty cash requisition, quotations, bussiness rules

Personal Achievements as Administrator:
-Attendance/overtimes tables using Microsoft excel tables (formulas options)

Personal Achievements As Transportation Coordinator: 
-I have up to 12 years experience, in this field like coordination teams (up to 80-100 peoples with 40 cars
–Utilitarian cars like Nissan Navarra pick-up, Toyota Hilux pick-up, Volkswagen    T5 transporter.                               For all this vehicles i made one program with all data technical problems, periodic technical                                           examination, engine examination, break systems, steering system, wheels examination as part of technical problems and legal examination like all the papers (documents)   

First Specialty
-Function telecom operator, telecom technician, technician telecommunication networks, optical fiber junction, map project info
-Field telecommunications


-3 years manager at S.C. Workgroup Trading S.R.L. Romania
-9 years RCS- RDS S. A. 
-Occupied Telecommunications Technician (F.O), coordinator,
-Main activities and responsibilities Telecommunication: coordinator, maintenance, development, expansion, etc.
-1.5 year at Transfield Mannai Corporation, Cofely Besix Mannai, general supervisor on the telecom project
-Transport coordinator & admin at transportation department Cofely besix mannai facilities management and Activity of the telecommunications

Time experience: 
160,000 welds fiber optic during the 9 years of service with different welding fetal , Furukawwa , Sumitomo , Fujikura , working with measurement devices such as Exfo  OTDR various types 100, 150 exfo , Agilent, opm . We made important sections intercity for providing internet signal, cable TV, and phone as well as signal lines for site 3g mobile sites I realized that the pilot project stage until completion town tg.ocna commissioning the project fttb fiber conducted both sections as well statia.de like we experience in regulating satellite antennas on various telecom satellites. TV networks and can achieve this kind of network.

Educational Qualifications: 					
Name and Type of High School Education: Industrial High School Nr.2 Onesti County
-Technical profile, Mechanical qualification awarded
-Bachelor degree

Name and type of organization Military School
-Technical profile
-Qualification awarded Specialist in telecommunications and radio telecommunications, CCTV, CATV
-Courses and certified: structured cabling infrastructure, fiber optic, UTP, FTP, WI-FI
-Type of course / certificate: Qualification B.Sc.

Personal Skills:

-Romanian language
-English: Level (writing, speaking, reading) Good
-French: Level (writing, speaking, reading) Good
-German: Level (writing, speaking, reading) well
-Driving: Category B

Additional Information:
-Competent use of computer programs in various technical
- Technical skills and competences telecommunication network design, network CCTV, network catv on cable and satellite structures (internet and TV)

Other skills and competences
I participated in the project nationwide fiber optic for CATV, Internet and telephony , mobile telephony (3G ) During which we made cca.160.000 fiber welds with various welding ( Fitel , FURUKAWA , FUJIKURA , Sumitomo ) OTDR measurements of categories EXFO type devices , Agilent, OPM. I can also proved that we have achieved a kind FTTB fiber optic network station - network (network junctions), residential customers in one team, in an entire city without any other assistance during which I put in on operation a significant CATV subscribers, internet and also made telefonie.Am structure of intercity.Ca gender and other technical abilities   I participated in CCTV and integrated systems we join the all courses on solar energy systems

  • anglia, germania, canada
  • Full time
  • Salariul dorit3000 €
  • Domeniile urmariteFinante Consultanta, It Telecom Project management, It Telecom Telecomunicatii
  • Disponibilitate deplasare in interes de serviciuPana la 100% din program
  • Disponibilitate relocareNumai in strainatate


  • septembrie 2003 - Prezent

    tehnician fibra optica,tehnician teleccomunicatii, telecomunicatii

    • București, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - It Telecom: Telecomunicatii

    proiectare,coordonare,realizarea fizica a retelelor de internet ,telefonie,televiziune


  • 1991 - Prezent

    Postdoctorat, scoala militara

    • București, România


Permis de conducere
  • B

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  • Reference number: 89091

Career goals


  • anglia, germania, canada
  • Full time
  • Salary wanted3000 €
  • Wanted work domainsFinance Consulting, It Telecom Project management, It Telecom Telecommunications
  • Availability for work related travelUp to 100% of the schedule
  • Willing to relocateOnly abroad


Driving license
  • B

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