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  • România, Pitești
  • România, Pitești
  • Romania, Pitești
  • Romania, Pitești
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  • octombrie 1994 - Prezent

    instructor auto, Master ABC Auto

    • Pitești, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Institutii / Profesii liberale: Educatie,Training

    conducere auto, scoala de soferi

  • ianuarie 2015 - ianuarie 2016

    maistru, Excusiv Top Construct

    • Pitești, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Muncitori Tehnicieni: Instalatii / Amenajari,Service / Instalare,Soferi

    apa potabila si menajera

  • aprilie 2002 - august 2013

    maistru petrolist, omv-petrom sa

    • Pitești, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Energie / Industrii extractive

    activitati specifice fisei postului

  • decembrie 1988 - august 2013

    operator petrol si gaze, OMV- Petrom SA

    • Pitești, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Energie / Industrii extractive,Industrii / Productie

    extractie, exploatare, transport, prelucrare titei si gaze

  • decembrie 2008 - ianuarie 2010

    inspector protectia muncii, Lentex SRL

    • Pitești, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Office jobs: Resurse umane / Psihologie

    productie lumanari


  • 2014 - 2014

    Master / studii postuniversitare, Centrul Regional de Formare Profesionala

    • Târgu Mureș, România
  • 2002 - 2013

    Colegiu / studii postliceale, Grup scolar petrol ASTRA

    • Pitești, România
  • 2008 - 2010

    Master / studii postuniversitare, facultatea de studii economice

    • Pitești, România
  • 2008 - 2008

    Colegiu / studii postliceale, universitatea internationala Florian Stefanescu Goanga

    • Curtea de Argeș, România
  • 2008 - 2008

    Colegiu / studii postliceale, CPPPIM Botosani

    • Pitești, România
  • 2005 - 2008

    Diploma de facultate, facultatea de studii economice

    • Pitești, România
  • 1994 - 1994

    Colegiu / studii postliceale, ARR

    • Pitești, România


Permis de conducere
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Limbi straine

  • Last update: 18.04.2016
  • Reference number: 90358


  • December 1988 - August 2014

    oil foreman, OMV-Petrom SA

    • Pitești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Technical tasks (execution)
    - Park facility operates according to company procedures and process parameters of the project;
    - Execute maneuvers in the park keyboards for directing production wells in calibration or total;
    - Execute maneuvers keyboard pumps and tanks for oil and water pumping stations by oil treatment;
    - Starts and stops pumps lichidesi follows their function has parameters;
    - Regulates the flow of water injection on each probe distributor injection, injection schedule set;
    - Adjusts the gas flow in vending gazlift according to schedule;
    - Check the operation as prescriptions safety valves on separators and pumps and valves from tank breathing;
    - Check function has gauges and controls;
    - Regulates water flow to heat traps and reservoirs;
    - Respect the calibration chart;
    - Samples of liquids in tanks or samplers that processes the samples to establish continutuilui water, oil and sediment;
    - Current maintenance of the park facilities;
    an integrity view all equipment and installations;
    an elimination of poor seals (stobitelor garnish, replacing the gasket for flanges or joints, glands adjustment);
    a lubricating joints;
    a filling with oil pumps and compressors;
    a replacement of defective items which can be handled by one man or MMT helped hardest parts;
    maintain a visible inscription park and comply with technological scheme;
    curetenia keeps the entire park;
    - Operates hot water or steam boiler;
    - Switching off;
    - Control gas consumption;
    - Regulating water consumption for heating and water treatment chemicals;
    - Maintaining the prescribed operating parameters;
    - Purge the boiler as graphic;
    - Verification measurement and control devices to be functional;
    - Operates gas compressor;
    - On / off;
    - Maintaining the prescribed operating parameters;
    - Providing cooling agent;
    - Adding oil for lubrication;
    - Check pressure and temperature;
    - Verification measurement and control devices to be functional;
    - Calculate gross and net flows in the park product according to the procedure;
    - Recorded in the park report data on:
    working pressure manifolds, separators, pumps keyboard;
    a crude stocks in tanks habe from wells or readings of flow meters (for oil, water, gas) and the volumes produced and transferred in accordance with the frequency established for each park location as well or in part;
    a stock oil treatment chemicals, water, gas;
    a gas, water and chemicals consumed to treat oil, water and gas according to frequency for each park location as well or in part;
    - Complete fleet report according to procedures and work instructions that must be found in every park in part on the base for the receipt and delivery service;
    - Perform all operations according to procedures and work instructions available in each park;
    - Park operators will be operating and probes and liability of drillers LINE
    - Comply with all rules of conduct of the company and CCM;
    Reporting Responsibilities
       Report of band chief or principal operator following:
    - How to get the program done and special situations occur;
    - Production of oil and gas wells;
    - The amount of water injected into wells and their pressures;
    - Calibration effectuate confotm calibration chart;
    - The amount of oil and water pumped to storage treatment;
    - Operation of the state of the plant in the park;
    responsibilities for health and safety, fire protection and civil protection;
    - SIS isuseasca their respectable legislation in health and safety at work, fire protection and civil protection and measures for their implementation;
    - To use the equipment, tools and other equipment of current activity and protection, according to technical instructions;
    - San u do the decommissioning of, modifying, changing or removing arbitrarily safety devices of the building where it operates;
    - Immediately inform the employer and / or workers assigned any situation they have reasonable grounds for considering a health and safety hazard, and any deficiency projection systems;
    - Bring to cunstinta head job and / or employer for personal injuries suffered;
    - To cooperate with the employer to enable any measures or requirements imposed by law or by authorities in the field;
    - To cooperate with the employer to allow a working environment and working conditions without risk to health and safety;
    - To act in accordance with the procedures set out in the workplace, in the event of any fire or other imminent clarified emergencies;
    - Persons authorized to provide all data and information that is known, concerning work accidents or fires;


  • 2000 - 2013

    College, Grup Scolar ASTRA

    • Pitești, Romania
  • 2008 - 2010

    Master's degree, facultatea de studii economice

    • Pitești, Romania
  • 2005 - 2008

    Bachelor's degree, facultatea de studii economice

    • Pitești, Romania
  • 2007 - 2008

    College, CPPPIM Botosani

    • Pitești, Romania


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