instrument tehnician,field operator,forklift operator at SC.ROMPETROL.SA

  • România, Năvodari
  • România, Năvodari
  • Romania, Năvodari
  • Romania, Năvodari
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  • Last update: 30.10.2013
  • Reference number: 93113


  • September 2001 - Present

    instrument tehnician,field operator,forklift operator, SC.ROMPETROL.SA

    • Năvodari, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Energy / Extractive Industries

    Work Experience
         Period:                        2010 – present
              Position: 		     Field supervisor Instrument technician - Polypropylene plant (PP)
              Company & Location:    SC ROMPETROL, Constanta, Romania
                                                     - Follow-up operation of machinery and equipment control
                                                       panel, including signaling and interlocking systems
                                                     - Takes immediate action, in accordance with RFIT, to limit the 
                                                        negative effects and to bring the plant safety
                                                     - Participate in review programs, to bring the installation under
                                                        operating conditions within the time limits imposed
                                                     - Assuring the good functioning of the plant and all mechanical
                                                       equipments, monitoring and maintaining the operating parameters in
                                                       the designed limits in order to optimize the quality and quantity ratio
                                                       for the final products. 
                                                     - Performing regular operations and maneuvers in order to ensure a 
                                                       safe an efficacious performance of the plant and plant equipments. 
                                                    - Involved in pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and shut 
                                                       down operation, strictly observing the operation manual, start-up  
                                                    - Involved in maintenance and repairing activities for all the 
                                                    - Ensuring the operation and exploitation conditions as per the project
                                                      and operating code regulations.                 
         Period: 		2003 – 2010
    Position: 		Technician 
    Company & Location: 		S.C. ROMPETROL PETROCHIMICAL SRL, Constanta, Romania 
         -Put in function a new packing machine
         -executed maneuvers necessary technology in operation of the machine
          and pallets packing 	
         -in situation occurring: 
    •	 trouble packing palletizing machine operation
    •	 situations prefailure
    •	 the arrival of an alarm system
    •	 accidents, explosions, fires, chemical alarm
        - timely inform the chief supervisor and execute the measures taken by it
          to mitigate deficiencies and efficient resolution 
        -check, informs the chief supervisor and ecexuta measures taken by it to
         prevent and / or removal of any deficiencies found in the car that could
         influence the parameters prescribed operation and safe 
         -monitors the process by recording operating parameters granules 
         -sampled according to the inspection and testing program or application 
         -complete records on: packed production, packaging, palletizing the
         exchange or, use foil bags, foil Husar, pallets, ink, thinner, or exchange
          the electricity, the quality and quantity production packed 
         -prepares progress report on teaching exchange: maneuvers and
          changes of parameters executed on the exchange, or (and who ordered)
          maneuvers on the operation of machinery, electrical equipment and
          AMC, protection systems, damage dealt and damage-respect unsolved 
        - respects the Rules of society.
        -performs preventive maintenance, corrective and planned equipment and
         machine automation systems are packed on pallets, as operating
        - AMC verify that equipment be identified correctly and the validity of the
         calibration / verification measurement. 
        -complete register of damage. 
        - provide evidence and keeping in good condition tools and equipments
          (multimeters, calibrators, configuration, etc.).
    2001 – 2003-Refinery-D.G.R.S-plant
    Responsibilities: : Employed Instrument Technician
    -  Check equipment and automation systems for implementing the   program of preventive and corrective maintenance on each facility in order to maintain normal operation in accordance with the monthly programming and avoid accidental shutdown technological facilities.
    - Perform preventive maintenance as scheduled routes daily;
    - Recorded Compliance / non-compliance in terms of reports;
    - Performs remedy under the terms of automation equipment malfunctions;
    - Train client execution personal.
    - Participate in the execution of the construction assembly, repair, calibration, configuration and checks that have a direct connection with maintenance of automation equipment correctly;
    - commisioning new equipment in site.
    - Occasionally participate in the implementation of signaling and interlocking systems, telemetry, data measuring - DCS, PLC, in accordance with the plans and technical documentation made available for modernization / teaching in operating automation systems;
    - Fixes isometrics, insulation for electric heating equipment and automation equipment automation replaces defective;
    - Perform scheduled maintenance and installation of automation equipment;
    - Responsible for the integrity measurement tools and devices supplied; Implement predictive meintenance in field.
    - Provide support for updating the database;
    - Dismantling and sorts automation equipment for recovery and / or recycling respecting environmental conditions.
    - cleaned to work for the activity in hygienic conditions.
    - Occasionally provide leadership means for transporting automobile and staff.
    - Repair and maintenance of analytical equipment (process analyzers, chromatographs, Rheometric, pH-meters, density meters, analyzers, gas detectors, etc.) according to specific work instructions - analyzers
    - Participate at the request of the supervisor, the intra and inter-departmental projects or activities with temporary, depending on the role and skills to contribute to team goals.
    - He has direct responsibility for compliance and enforcement:
    A. legal requirements as they apply to the work place, in the fields of health and safety at work (including Safety) fire fighting (PSI), environment, quality of management's
    B. Integrated Management System requirements implemented in Rompetrol and those resulting from the Rompetrol QHSE Policy
    C. Training programs relating to paragraphs A and B, in the form and according to programming provided by the Organization.
    D. Internal Regulations, company policies and procedures and work procedures specific to the activity.


  • 1997 - 2001

    Highschool, liceul industrial de chimie ..Lazar Edeleanu..

    • Năvodari, Romania


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