Room Service Manager/ Maitre'D Asst. la Holland America Line

Room Service Manager/ Maitre'D Asst. at Holland America Line

  • România, București
  • România, București
  • Romania, București
  • Romania, București
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  • martie 2010 - mai 2013

    Room Service Manager/ Maitre'D Asst., Holland America Line

    • București, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Servicii: Restaurante

    Gestioneaza intreaga echipa din restaurant, compusa din host, ospatari, ajutor ospatar, runner, doorman, etc.;
    Organizarea muncii, conceperea orarului in stransa colaborare cu managerul restaurantului;
    Supravegheaza  aprovizionarea, nivelul stocurilor si comenzile pentru bar si sala, selectia furnizorilor in colaborare cu managerul restaurantului, in functie de organizarea interna;
    Organizeaza evenimente si rezervarile de grupuri.
    De asemeni:
    • Intampina clientii, ii plaseaza si ii consiliaza;
    • Orienteaza si favorizeaza servirea preparatelor din meniu;
    • Asigura respectarea ritmului servirii, adaptat nevoilor clientilor;
    • Anticipeaza si vegheaza la buna desfasurare a servirii;
    • Asigura satisfactia clientilor;
    • Gestioneaza stocurile si inventarul;
    • Organizeaza munca si asigura o buna transmitere a informatiilor;
    • Integreaza, formeaza, anima si supravegheaza echipa din sala.

  • mai 2008 - ianuarie 2010

    Ospatar, Holland America Line

    • București, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Servicii: Restaurante

    Preluarea comenzilor de mancare si bautura intr-o maniera eficienta si profesionista,
    acordarea atentiei cuvenite si asigurarea unor servicii ireprosabile clientilor,
    cunoasterea meniului astfel incat sa poata oferi in orice situatie informatii competente cu privire la felurile de mancare, tacamuri si bauturi, servirea exemplara a clientilor, indeplinirea altor sarcini curente atribuite de catre manager.

  • mai 2007 - februarie 2008

    Ospatar, Royal Caribbean

    • București, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Servicii: Restaurante

    Promovarea produselor si serviciilor restaurantului, preluarea comenzilor pasagerilor, servirea          preparatelor culinare si a bauturilor, pregatirea mise-en-place, mentinerea unui mediu de munca sigur si curat, organizarea cadrului general de deschidere (set-up), desfasurare si inchidere a activitatii locului de servire (curatenie) etc.

  • ianuarie 2006 - decembrie 2006

    Ospatar Sef, Castro, Paphos, Cipru

    • București, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Servicii: Restaurante

    Primirea si insotirea clienţilor la locul de servire a mesei; sfaturi în alegerea meniului şi a băuturilor; preluarea comenzilor; servirea mâncarurilor şi a băuturilor; participarea la pregătirea meniurilor şi a listelor de băuturi; intocmirea notei de plată, să accepte cecuri, cărţi de credit; operarea casei de marcat; aranjarea salilor de mese/ pregătirea şi servirea din cadrul evenimentelor speciale şi, daca este cazul, să accepte, să rezolve sau să transmită plângerile către bucătărie sau alte departamente.


  • 2012 - 2013

    Master / studii postuniversitare, Cornell University

    • Dej, România


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  • March 2010 - May 2013

    Room Service Manager/ Maitre'D Asst., Holland America Line

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Restaurants

    Assists the Dining Room Manager in providing superior service and product by managing and directing staff in the dining room and other outlets.
    Major Responsibilities:
    •	Responsible for an assigned section in the dining room. Ensures continued presence in the work area during meal times and verifies daily with guests that their service and food satisfaction expectations are met
    •	Responsible for the preparation and implementation of all table reservations and seating assignments with final approval by the Dining Room Manager.
    •	Responsible for ensuring that all Dining Room Stewards and Assistant Dining Room Stewards offering and selling all beverages (except wines by the bottle and After Dinner Drinks) and meeting or exceeding set beverages revenue targets.
    •	Ensure resetting of tables occurs without delays. Open seating tables should be maximized with efficiency by ensuring that each table is set one at a time as per the MOM.
    •	Handles and addresses all guest-related concerns immediately with the aim to solve all problems to ensure guest satisfaction.
    •	Assists the Dining Room Manager in directing, supervising and training of all subordinates in the performance of their duties in accordance with set HAL standards.
    •	Reviews and studies monthly dining services MOM requirements. Ensures that the monthly MOM attendance and tracking report is properly completed, documented and submitted to the Dining Room Manager.
    •	Assists the Dining Room Manager in the preparation of performance objectives and evaluations for the Crew Care Supervisor, Host and other employees in the dining services areas.
    •	Supports galley management with ensuring a proper food count system
    •	Responsible for all subordinates conduct, attitude and performance. Reports on all issues positive and negative objectively in a timely manner to the Dining Room Manager.
    •	Responsible for the grooming of all subordinates as per MR-1000
    •	Executes a correct and fair assignment for each steward in fixed and open seating. Ensures fair rotation of all staff between both areas.
    •	Ensures that set levels of section productivity are met with high level of service. Communicates with section staff and assist if need be with expediting service and needs.
    •	Assists in the preparation of work schedules for all employees in the restaurant organization. Manages and controls scheduling of overtime
    •	Is responsible for manpower re-distribution as needed in the operation.
    •	Ensures attendance of the 10 minute mandatory daily management corner meeting set by their Dining Room Manager. Shares and addresses current concerns.
    •	Works closely and assist the Lido Manager at Breakfast and Lunch service.
    •	Checks each Dining Room Steward’s work area before service begins in order to monitor table setup, commode organization, condition of china, glassware, silverware and silver products.
    •	Responsible for the implementation and execution of food handling, food service and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH standards.
    •	Responsible for the implementation and execution of beverage service in the dining room; ensures the selling and upselling of revenue beverages and provides support to the Dining Room Steward in problem solving solutions as well as unsatisfied guest recovery.
    •	Adhere to all Marine Operation Manuals; Marine Hotel Directives; enforce NLV protocols and oversee training in his areas.
    •	Implements and executes proper maintenance and cleaning procedures in all restaurant areas
    •	Assists in the preparation of reports and results as required or requested by the Dining Room Manager.
    •	Adapts and adjusts to projects and assignments as dictated by ship and or corporate management.
    •	Supervise daily manifest for gift order delivery (or IRD Mgr on Vista Class ship).

  • May 2008 - January 2010

    Pinnacle Grill Waiter/ Cannaleto Steward, Holland America Line

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Restaurants

    Major Responsibilities:
    •	Responsible for friendly, courteous and gracious service to all Guests.
    •	Adheres to the Pinnacle Grill MOM and standards.
    •	Primarily assigned to the Pinnacle Grill and Neptune lounge. Maybe assigned other areas and tasks as per management discretion
    •	Follows all food handling and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH standards as outlined
    •	Adheres to all company standards as related to relevant Perfect Set-up presentations.
    •	Performs all "Mastiek" duties as assigned.
    •	Adheres to the company appearance and grooming standards.
    •	Responsible for the proper use and maintenance of company issued equipment and utensils in order to prevent damage or loss.
    •	Follows company standards as related to maintenance, cleaning and sanitation in the work area.
    •	Maintains the highest level of productivity and service in the work area.
    •	Reports immediately all issues pertaining to Guests satisfaction to his managers.
    •	Works closely and cooperates with superiors, colleagues and other employees in order to achieve the highest possible Guests satisfaction from the services rendered.
    •	Follows approved procedures for superior service and sequence of delivery.
    •	Follows all procedures for handling of clean linen, glasses, china and silverware for table set up.
    •	Follows prescribed procedures for the removal, organization and delivery of dirty dishes to the dishwashing area.

  • May 2007 - February 2008

    Waiter, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Restaurants

    Major Responsibilities:
    A Royal Caribbean staff is serving the passengers' needs in a friendly and positive manor using the basic service procedures found in any first class restaurant. Essential duties include serving food, wines and non-alcoholic beverages to the passengers and constantly providing refills, attending all training meetings, and providing excellent service. Also coordinate and participate in passenger activities, socialize with the passengers to ensure they have a fun-filled cruise experience. Restaurant team also participate in duties such as: directing guests to and from their cabins and answering any questions they may have, assisting in compulsory life and safety precautions, staff introductions and coordinating the flow of passengers through reception lines at different events, passenger directions on/off vessel in various ports of call. A Restaurant Staff is an essential part of the fun-filled cruise requiring talented members.

  • January 2006 - December 2006

    Senior Waiter, Castro Restaurant Paphos Cipru

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Restaurants

    Part of a 16 restaurants chain with the best view over Paphos harbor and capacity of 240.
    Major Responsibilities:
    •	In charge of food orders and food service with 3 junior waiters in my team.
    •	Handling special orders from customers with physical and medical challenges
    •	Organizes station (mis-en-place)
    •	Awareness of guests special needs
    •	General cleaning and maintenance
    •	Quick and efficient service of all foods and drinks


  • 2012 - 2013

    Master's degree, Cornell University

    • Dej, Romania


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