Analyst/Programmer PL/SQL at SC.Rulmenti-SA Barlad

  • România, Bârlad
  • România, Bârlad
  • Romania, Bârlad
  • Romania, Bârlad
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  • September 2005 - Present

    Analyst/Programmer PL/SQL, SC.Rulmenti-SA Barlad

    • Bârlad, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: IT

    Currently working at bearings company Sc.Rulmenti-SA Barlad, Romania
    and mangement of software ERP=EfesPro=/Turkey, the Oracle9i database,the modules:
    (AP, AR, PO, MM, PP, FI, CO, GL, HR, SD) on Windows Server 2003. 
    Indeed, I have great experience in managing any ERP software and I think I would fully contribute to the improvement of activities in such companies. 
    We chose to carry on because of their specialization in FoxBase, MicroMAX ERP, DB2 database and Novell11.0...and continued with Visual FoxPro9.0.
    After specialization and certification in ERP MicroMAX, FoxBase, my career focused 
    in widespread use as a programming language Visual Foxpro9.0 in object-oriented programming. Practically proved that the choice was good, the Visual FoxPro ODBC connection to MS SQLServer and Oracle9i, PostgreSQL 
    gave me the opportunity to develop very robust GUI interface, that we have included in 
    EfesPro ERP software menu on Oracle9i, and Unity ERP on MSSQLSERVER7.0.
    After 1995 the specialization and certification from Oracle Developer, me career was based entirely on writing procedures, functions, packages, types, triggers in PL/SQL that we reproject software modules of ERP EfesPro whole.
    Last project and put in operation is linked to PP, an outline of the documentation is ready and you can follow in order to understand what can contribute to software development. 
    The company where I work has a very complex system, gave me the opportunity to learn about everything you need to know an analyst/programmer to be a professional in very complex systems analysis.
    I am a good connoisseur of GAAP accounting scheme (USA) used in OpenSource: 
    Compiere, ADempiere, OpenMFG (XTuple )..., software installed in MyComputer and studied in depth.
    Throughout his career, I was able to fully contribute to the migration of data from old platforms to new platforms: 
     Migrate from Mainframe/COBOL and SGF file to DB2 via Kermit for MicroMAX ERP,
     Migrate Dbf file in MSSQLSERVER7.0  via XML, Excel, Msaccess. 
     Migrate from MsSQLSERVER7.0 in Oracle9i via SQLFox, ODBC, VisualFoxPro9.0, Excel. 
     Migrate from the current Oracle9i to SAP/R3 . 
    I recently graduated with honors in ABAP programming course, 10 days 8 hours per day. 
    It is much less I know, depends on those who give me confidence and especially 
    motivations are provided. 
    I have said, to understand that I really want to find my new job, where I apply my knowledge in the field of analysis and programming.

  • September 1978 - May 1984

    Analyst/Programmer COBOL/FORTRAN, SC.Viromet.SA Or.Victoria,Barsov

    • Bârlad, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: IT

    Chemestry industry  http://www.Viromet.ro
    Designed and implemented a program in COBOL and SGF file  which tracked user edits and changes.
    Provided  technical expertise in designing, programming, analysing and developing informatics management system in COBOL(AMS/RSX) into FELIX C-1024 ,CORAL-4032, I102F platform.
    Managed project for :
      -algorithm for the mathematics simulation of the process of natural gas into  LURGE-Germany installation  ,language FORTRAN77 .
      -algorithm for the mathematics simulation of the process of METHANOL synthesis in  low pressure into ICI-ENGLAND installation  ,language FORTRAN77.
    Supported the development and implementation of key software and database application processes with SGF(1978-1985) files in order to meet client project specifications. Performed client needs analysis, interacting with users and management to better understand project scope and requirements. 
    -Streamlined workflow processes, troubleshooting and maintaining components for development
    -Increasing daily production after applying the two algorithms
    -Played key role in reducing the analysis time from several days to only hours by designing and implementing an enterprise wide exception handling and login system.
     Selected Project Accomplishments: 
    -OSIM license 1982 in purge gas recycling in METHANOL installation
    -OSIM license 1985 reactor synthesis with low pressure METHANOL installation


  • 2005 - 2005

    Postdoctorate, SC.Promanagement-srl,Bucuresti

    • Bârlad, Romania
  • 1994 - 1994

    Postdoctorate, MicroMax

    • Bârlad, Romania
  • 1974 - 1978

    Bachelor's degree, Universitatea Al.Ioan Cuza Iasi

    • Filiași, Romania

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