plumber at Own bussines

  • România, Dej
  • România, Dej
  • Romania, Dej
  • Romania, Dej
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  • aprilie 1988 - Prezent

    lacatus , electroputere craiova

    • Dej, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Muncitori Tehnicieni: Constructii

    lacatuserie generala in constructia metalica in productia de locomotie.operatiile executate sunt:debitare ghilotina,oxiaccetilena manual si automat plasma si masini de taiere prin forfecare.
    indoire abkanturi si valturi table subtiri si table groase.
    gaurire masini manuale si radiale, cu masa magnetica,prese cu matrita.
    ansamblari in dispozitive dupa desen.
    sudura primara de punctare si ansamblare electrod si mig-mag.
    indreptare dupa sudura mecanic la presa si manual la cald.
    ajustare si control produs finit.
    montaj general locomotive si trenuri de metrou dar si echipamente industriale .
    executare operatii de montaj:
    timonerie si partii tractiune prin suruburi si buloane cu strangere la moment.
    montaj instalatie pneumatica metrou care cuprinde(instalatia de franare si suspensie)
    cu probe si punere in functiune.
    montaj echipament electric(transformator convertizoare,rezistente de franare ,compresoare,cutii de bateri si echipamente de comanta si conectarea lor.


  • 1982 - 1986

    Liceu / scoala profesionala, lic ind cfr craiova

    • Craiova, România


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  • Last update: 19.07.2017
  • Reference number: 97321


  • March 2012 - Present

    plumber, Own bussines

    • Craiova, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction,Installations / Decorations

    I have a small plumbing an refurbishing  business  I mostly doing installation from pvc,polietilen,ppr and cooper for bathrooms and hitting systems .I have small contracts with construction companies for making piping in the new houses and for mounting equipment in bathrooms such as tubes ,toilets,shower cabinets ,sinks ,radiators, heatting sistem ,stoves and chemney.

  • April 1988 - Present

    operator , Industrial Man Power SRL

    • Dej, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction

    In contract with electroputere Craiova reparing locomotives as a mechanical and fitter.Doing new parts for them from steel sheets and profile and replecing the old one.Cutting metal using oxiflame, guillotine ,plasma and saw.Bending on abkants.Straightenig on press and using gasflame.Driling and marking according with drawing,assembing in jigs and mount them on locomotivs.Also I am doing fitter works using screws and torque wrenches after force newton table,mounting different mecanical parts.For mounting on locomotives I am using meter,straightedge,theudolite,water level,straight ungle etc.This are only some of my activities.

  • April 1988 - May 2006

    fitter, electroputere craiova

    • Dej, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    1988 employed by Electroputere Craiova in Locomotives factory, metallic construction department like operator. To build doors for locomotives, using all kind of machines for cutting, bending, drilling, striating,welding, assembling and adjusting it was my task.
    1993 I worked in the same factory but in deferent work shop to build electronic appliances for locomotives. To make power bars from cooper to mount all the parts together and cabling them..
    1997 in the same company I was involved in a project with ABB Germany, to build bogies, chassis, steering linkage and all accessories. I was team leader  in preparation work shop.
    Operations performed in this work shop were: cutting (guillotine, oxi flame) bending drilling, chamfering(oxi flame and mechanical machines),assembling and welding.
    2001in the same company I was involved in a project with Bombardier Transportation Sweden, to build metro trains and I was in Sweden for training for tree months.
    I was team leader at underfame workstation. My task was to mount every things under the carbody (beams, electric appliance, cable duct, pneumatic system, steering linkage,bogies and electrical connection according with wiring table
    2004 in the same company I was in a project with General Motors to modernize
    Rumanian locomotives. I did the same metallic construction job 
     I was tem lieder of preparing materials  work shop ,so all steel parts did by my and my team  cutting on guillotine ,oxiflame machines disc cutters and plasma ,drilling ,bending weldind all according with drawings .  
    2006 employed by Bombardier Transportation In the second project, like support for production, quality and retrofit responsible. Repairing problems from the suppliers (mechanical, painting, electrical) organizing teams for retrofit and materials and looking for technically solution
    2008 involved in New Delhi metro train project for two years, Preparing Indian operator in buildin
    metro trains 


  • 1982 - 1986

    Highschool, liceul ind nr 3 CFR

    • Craiova, Romania


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