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  • România, București
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  • Romania, București
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  • Reference number: 99169


  • May 2008 - July 2013


    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    1. Management of the project - ensuring an effective program of the project;
    2. Project Cost Management - identifying resources and keeping the budget under control;
    3. Project Quality Management - ensuring quality and functional standards to be met;
    4. Human Resource Management - to adapt the workforce needs in the various stages of the project;
    5. Project Communications Management - ensuring the effectiveness of internal and external communications of the project;
    6. Risk Management - Analysis and minimizing potential risks;
    7. Insurance Management Resources - Obtaining the necessary resources from external sources;
    8. Maximizing or efficient resource exploitation by harmonizing the necessary labor, material and equipment in accordance with the programs and project work plans;
    9. Implementation of various operations through effective coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction of the entire process;
    10. Developing Effective communication and conflict resolution mechanisms between various participants in the project.
    - Responsible for technical activities involved in the process of bidding tenders;
    - Planning, deadlines and activities correlated to monitors with project activities: development and design, resource suppliers and manufacturers in accordance with project deadlines;
    - Reporting and monitoring of all activities with contract consultants in preparing and obtaining approvals, scheduling, cost plans, tenders, development program, involved in the construction process;
    - Monitoring project implementation phases of the project in accordance with the general designer plans;
    Responsible for management of subcontractors, the management quality of the project;
    - Supervision of works and investment costs;
    - Checking the project architect according to company standards;
    - Negotiate contracts with the general contractor;
    - Establish the technical solutions available from technical and economic point of view;
    - Review relevant documentation and storage site;
    - Coordination of quality management;
    - Keeping alive the old systems and consulting support technicians stores;
    - Organize activities maintenance department within the company;
    - Plan development schedule maintenance to the various companies on specific installations;
    - Regular control equipment and facilities for the proper functioning;
    - Making the hiring of expert in various specialties, their training and assessment specialists;
    - Ensure the smooth flow of information in its internal procedures within the team;
    - Management of working time of employees;
    - Review relevant documentation and storage site;
    - Coordination of quality management;
    - Develop maintenance department by conducting trainings for employees with specialist firms in the facilities maintenance
    - Coordinate corrective actions, provide reports and updates data tools and templates;
    - Making turnkey construction;
    - Autonomous, solution oriented, pragmatic and cooperative operations;
    - A successful education finished industrial art;
    Ring those seven years, the company has invested in Romania intro expansion exponential scale, so together we made two logistics centers, one in Ploiesti and the other in Turda. Besides the two logistics centers, we have actively engaged in more than 70 stores and another 15 in the design phase of the most complex markets: Olt Valley Electroaparataj, Bucharest Baneasa, Targu Mures 2, etc.. In 2011 company decided that stores over 5 years old, they were subjected to stress moral of their client, they enter into a capital reorganization. Thus, this decision brought a store value by switching from an old standard to a new standard. So I actively participated in the 13 reorganizations in 2.5 years. Also is also working on other projects requested by the recipient department building department being sold. Total investments at this time exceeded 500 million Euros.
    In the company I managed the technical skills to bring the country refrigeration system with carbon dioxide. In a relatively short time we have expanded a network of installations Three various modes. We have also succeeded in developing and putting into operation of a facility that recovers energy used for cooling refrigeration products, the heating / cooling rooms in the store.
    In the company I made the biggest refrigerator in South Eastern Europe cooling capacity of 6.6 MW.

  • February 2000 - May 2008

    Engineer - SITE-SUPERVISOR , Frigotehnica SA

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Sale in installations both commercial and industrial refrigeration. During the 3 years of work in the company, I had an exponential increase in sales, managing to keep up with the market by making refrigerating developing networks in major retail stores in Romania and service network.
    Maintenance in the industrial and commercial refrigeration systems.
    I make this list of market's :
    - METRO 5 pcs
    - Spar 1 pcs
    - KAUFLAND 6 pcs
    - CARREFOUR 1 pcs
    - Bila 1 pcs
    - Selgros 1 pcs
    - Plus 1 pcs
    - Artima 23 pcs - project for the new montage.
    And for 1 year in Frigotehnica I make the service for all supermarket's and market's in Romanian .


  • 2000 - 2007

    Master's degree, University "Politehnica" in Bucharest - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

    • București, Romania


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